5 Best Smartphone Of The Year

Towards the end of 2016, many manufacturers are starting to prepare their latest smartphone product for 2017, but if you view again in 2016 there are some smartphones that success caught the attention of observers gadget.
In 2016 many vendors are vying to be the best, both in terms of price and specifications. You certainly will be confused to choose which phone or mobile phone is right for you.
Well this time Selalutekno.com suc
cessfully encapsulates a list of the five best smartphones in 2016, which are summarized from several sources.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Smartphones are diususng Samsung Galaxy Note as a replacement series 7 has an advantage in terms of design and specification. This phablet has a curved screen type Super AMOLED Quad HD resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels) with 534ppi pixel density.
Curved screen Galaxy S7 Edge offers a feature-rich screens. Users can access a variety of applications, take photos selfie, up calendar with just one tap on the screen. There are also features Always-on that will make the hour and a notification on the screen Galaxy S7 always lit yet another part of the screen stays off.
Problem runway, Galaxy S7 Edge equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820 (for America) or Exynos 8890 from Samsung. Both processors are equally to be the best, and only lost to the Snapdragon 821 is mounted on some smartphones like Pixel. However, Snapdragon 820 was already gahar by offering data speeds of up to 30 percent and 64 percent more screen response is good.
Even based on speed tests conducted by C4ETech, OnePlus 3 that carries a 6GB RAM is still inferior to the Samsung Galaxy S7 'only' has 4GB of RAM. Keep in mind when OnePlus 3 comes with 820 Snapdragon processor while some variants of the Galaxy S7 processor with Exynos 8890. Both of these processors is one of the best at this time.
As a complement, there LPDDR4 4GB of RAM and an internal memory of 32/64 GB. You can add a microSD card up to a capacity of 200GB!
Turning to the camera, the Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a set-up similar to the Galaxy S7 camera. Users can 12MP main camera feature Dual-Pixel and large pixels to capture images faster and earn a lot of light even in places minimal lighting.
Additionally, the aperture of the Galaxy S7 Edge already f / 1.7, the widest in the smartphone to date. Pixel big and wide lens aperture makes the Galaxy S7 Edge main camera is able to capture more light than the Galaxy S6, even up to 95 percent more!
In order for the shots is not easy ngeblur, Samsung added a feature OIS in the main camera. In addition, there is a 5MP front camera with a lens aperture of f / 1.7 in this smartphone.
Another feature that is no less powerful is the jumbo battery capacity of 3600mAh, the largest of Samsung for this. There is also certified IP68 anti-dust and water, 4G LTE Cat. 9, and the Android operating system Marshmallow.

2. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus is an iPhone version 7 has an advantage over the iPhone 7 standards for its dual camera feature. iPhone 7 Plus has a camera that is capable of displaying artistic blur or bokeh good.
Actually, many smartphones are trying to pin it, unfortunately not all display the results that really maximized.
iPhone 7 Plus could be the first phone that produces eye-pleasing images. Even some analysts expressed shots of the iPhone 7 Plus is not less than the quality of DSLR cameras' images.
According to Phone Arena, Apple pinning two cameras and a digital signal processor that makes the depths photo increasingly felt. The camera of the iPhone 7 Plus has two times the optical zoom function for 'ngezoom' without seeming the slightest rupture. Perhaps these features make the iPhone 7 Plus looks luxurious, but certainly not how the users use it. Features that may be highly favored by the users iPhone 7 Plus is the mode 'Portrait'.
Portrait mode is a mode which can blur the background photo of your portrait, which will give the impression 'depth of field' deeper. In photographic terms this is called "bokeh." The idea to get bokeh in just a smartphone camera itself is something quite brilliant.
Actually, this feature is far from perfect, because the results are not as we use a DSLR or mirrorless. However, in good lighting conditions, your portrait photos will turn into phenomenal.
56mm focal length at f 2.8 aperture is not too classified in portrait lens if it is implemented in the DSLR lens. But this is the most portrait when compared to other smartphones. The concept of digital SLR cameras also can be applied, with the camera closer to the object, patar behind increasingly blur and bokeh more beautiful.
This will bring you selfie is getting cross-eyed, because of other smartphone cameras can not do this sort of thing, and mirrorless and DSLR enough 'complicated' to take pictures selfie.
In addition, the front camera of the iPhone series 7 is the best when compared to other flagship.

3. Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Smartphone Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the first smartphone designed and created by Google, both phones are distinguished by size and screen resolution. Both models Pixel powered by Snapdragon processor 821 and also the latest Android 7.1 Nougat. In terms of hardware, both smartphones Pixel is made of aluminum with a mixture of glass that surrounds the camera, flash and fingerprint sensors called 'Pixel Imprint. "Both the smartphone display is carrying AMOLED, both carrying 4GB of RAM, USB-C, the choice of storage 32 or 128 GB , Bluetooth 4.2, and 3.5mm headphone jack.
Pixel is the first smartphone to be equipped by Google Assistant. Google Assistant concept is simply long pressing the home button, and say a keyword and the Assistant will appear. From the demo is done, the assistant application can be 'ordered' to see photos from a specific time and place, and can play music that you ask to play, by selecting music from the application of your choice by default.
The camera is also featured in the Pixel Google. How not to mention that Google is proud of Pixel and Pixel camera XL scored 89 in DxOMark, site analysis reliable camera. This figure is the highest rating in the world of smartphone cameras.
Carrying with 1:55 megapixel resolution 12.3-micron pixels and f / 2.0 aperture, Google claims that the camera is carried Pixel has 'the shortest time to take pictures of all the mobile camera anywhere.'
The main features of the camera is Smartburst, which is able to select the sharpest image from a lot of pictures taken rapidly. In addition there are also features HDR + is a series of algorithms taking pictures with different levels of brightness, which results in an HDR image.
Features the most favored of Pixel camera is a feature-based video stabilization gyroscope, which is the 'magic' is capable of taking video with a stable though we do not hold it well.
With these features, Google did not hesitate to label Pixel as the best smartphone today.

4. One Plus 3T

OnePlus 3

Mobile variant OnePlus 3 with the name of OnePlus 3T is a smartphone with a performance gahar because of its qualified namely Chipset Quallcomm Snapdragon 821 and RAM jumbo 6GB, long-lasting battery, sensor fingerprint scanner is a very fast, solid camera, sharp display and a metal body that very strong.
With the performance of any aspect of equal flagship on board, OnePlus 3T only priced at 439 dollars, or 5.8 million Rupiah. So far compared to the price of the flagship of the other manufacturers that even the price could be over 10 million if it is converted back to Rupiah.
Unfortunately OnePlus has officially withdraw from the Indonesian market, and we can not get the OnePlus in Indonesia officially. Related regulatory issues of Domestic Component (DCL) 4G mobile phone is the culprit of their departure. Smartphone vendors outside were not able to meet local content rules, the vendor output devices 4G LTE technology should be locked to his, leaving 3G / 2G only. However, do not rule out also if there is a change of regulation, it would again present.

5. Huawei P9

Huawei P9

The latest smartphone from Huawei that is P9 finally officially launched today (04/06/2016). Huawei P9 has a specification that is qualified which is carrying a kitchen runway smartphone powered by Kirin 955 octa-core chipset.
Mobile phone with 5.2 inch screen has 3GB of RAM brings technology Image Signal Processor (ISP). For storage space, Huawei provides 32GB of storage space area. But there is also a version with 64GB capacity is more extensive with 4GB of RAM.
Marshmallow didapuk Android 6.0 operating system with a touch EMUI Huawei P9 4.1. As in the camera sector, as heavily reported earlier, Huawei adopts the technology made by Leica.
Broadly speaking, the main camera lens Huawei P9 equipped with dual cameras; one monochrome and one color. The resolution is 12 MP with a lens aperture of f / 0.95. While the front camera resolution 8 MP.
In the battery sector, Huawei has been pinned fast charging technology (rapid charging) for a capacity of 3,000 mAh battery via USB socket-Type C. Huawei claimed P9 charging technology 180% faster than the iPhone 6s. For example, in just 10 minutes of charging, Huawei P9 able to reach a talk time of 5 hours.
Turning to connectivity and networking, specifically the Asian market, Huawei P9 has two SIM card slots, while the European market is only one SIM card slot. Like most other flagship smartphones, Huawei P9 is also provided with a fingerprint sensor.

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Interestingly, according to the growing speculation in recent years, Huawei also introduced the Huawei P9 Plus. In terms of specifications, there is little difference between Huawei Huawei P9 P9 Plus the screen is a 5.5 inch FHD (401 PPI), 3,400 mAh battery, and technology Press Touch Display.

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